Ayat Rashed

Sales & Strategic Marketing Manager

Academic specialization in the field of entrepreneurship in an effort to be one of the self-made business women. Therefore, her tendency was to study and specialized in the field of entrepreneurship and economics.
On the other hand, she conducted a specialized training study of more than 3,000 training hours over a period of three years in the field of self-development, mental health and communication arts. In order to form its own approach in supporting the learning and implementation of entrepreneurship at the economic level with distinct self-skills.

Functional summary
– Preparing and developing marketing and sales plans, organizing sales activities, and monitoring and evaluating sales and marketing activities.
– Developing the executive plan for the sales department to serve the general strategic plan of the companies.
– Work to determine the department’s needs of sales, marketing and distribution representatives, their qualifications and needs, and train them on skills in dealing with the public, administrative and supervisory skills, and time management skills. and rehabilitate them.
– Estimate the marketing department budget and raise the market share of the company in the target markets to achieve a competitive advantage.